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Science and culture are catching up to the fact that music plays a huge part in wellness. Music is just as important as exercise, good nutrition and meditation. The Jackson Music Program is a holistic, comprehensive approach to music wellness for the whole family. The program employs the 7 Uses of Music to get the most benefits across the 3 Pillars of Music.

Music Wellness for the Whole Family

Music wellness opportunities should be available to everyone. The world is different for your kids than it was for you as a kid. Just like two different songs on separate radio stations, kids grow up in a different frequency these days. Music gives kids a healthy outlet for kids to keep their brains nimble, attention spans strong, and emotions under control while they adjust to new school activities. Music boosts cognitive skills and can even help your kids get better grades in school.

Use this website to learn how your kids and you can benefit from music on a daily basis for a lifetime. Just like a good song, a good day, a good life is about good storytelling. Music is storytelling through vibrations and silence. The same can be said for you and me. What story do you want to tell? What story do you want to help your kids tell? It all comes down to frequency and music is how to directly access the frequency you embody.  

The videos, courses, camps, lessons, and articles on this site are here to give you the value, the power to enhance your life with music. In addition to kids music lessons on piano, drums, uke, vocals & singing, guitar, songwriting, and ear training, owner JJ Jackson also offers guided meditations, healing sessions, and sound baths.

“I love how Mr. Jackson customizes lessons to how my son likes to learn, so that he can get more of the benefits of music. Teaching improvisation opens up how music connects you to spirit and gives you a space to be vulnerable to learn how to express yourself in ways that you can’t do with words.”
                                          - Jamie

A Better Life with the Benefits of Music

Music improves health across all four areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It reduces stress, enhances concentration, and is great exercise to stay active. Kids can run into many obstacles in school and life, like inattentiveness, hyperactivity, memory struggles, discipline problems, or emotional immaturity.
Through music lessons and songwriting, your kids will gain life skills they can use to set and achieve ambitious goals throughout their life, growing at every stage. Kids can overcome these struggles with the 7 Uses of Music: Listen, Learn, Play, Perform, Write, Record, and Teach music.
Use the videos and courses here for you to teach yourself and your family at home, and a blog for tips and activities you can use to get the most benefits of music. Follow on social media and contact Jackson Music Program to schedule a Musical Growth Plan consult and talk about music lessons and music wellness for your family. Music lesson packages are available.

“Highly recommend JJ and his amazing program. He is very good at working with high energy kiddos and helps them focus on learning music while having fun. He’s able to adapt easily to the child’s mood and make it a successful lesson always!”
                                          - Erin

Innovative Children's Book That Teaches Music to Toddlers - NOW AVAILABLE

The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments, by JJ Jackson


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