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Music Lessons for Toddlers to Adults

Finally, complete music education is available for your kids! The ages of 1-17 have traditionally been neglected and undervalued in the music lesson field. That's why it's the mission of the Jackson Music Program to make it easy for you parents to access quality music lessons for your kids of any age.

Which Serves You Best?

“Highly recommend JJ and his amazing program. He is very good at working with high energy kiddos and helps them focus on learning music while having fun. He’s able to adapt easily to the child’s mood and make it a successful lesson always!”
- Erin

JJ Jackson, owner of Jackson Music Program offering online music lessons for kids, toddlers to teens.

Cutting Edge & Comprehensive Program

With the Jackson Music Program, owner JJ Jackson has taken over 30 years of practical experience and 15 years of teaching experience of over 9,500 lessons to help your kids learn and love music from an early age. Kids get the benefits of music at prime developmental years and many clients say they appreciate that their kids also get a positive role model in their life. 

“I love how Mr. Jackson customizes lessons to how my son likes to learn, so that he can get more of the benefits of music. Teaching improvisation opens up how music connects you to spirit and gives you a space to be vulnerable to learn how to express yourself in ways that you can’t do with words.”
- Jamie

Jackson's specialty is teaching music lessons for toddlers to teens. Kids music lessons are available for piano, uke, drums, guitar, vocals, and others. Each student is encouraged to be multi-instrumental and pursue well-rounded musical growth, including technique, theory, perfect pitch and relative pitch ear training, songwriting, performance, and family music. This helps students build confidence, direction and goal achievement habits. 

Group classes and camps are available, as well as private lessons that are customized to each student's personality, interests and goals. Jackson has the ability to reach students with special needs, including ADHD, Asperger's, on the autism spectrum,  unique learning styles and alternative schooling. Online lessons and classes are available, along with select in-person options available in Michigan and beyond when in a town near you.

Piano, Uke, Drums, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Violin, Songwriting, Perfect Pitch and Relative Pitch Ear Training, Performance, Family Music, Music Wellness

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Wondering which instrument is best to start with?

Contact JJ to find out!

Innovative Children's Book That Teaches Music to Toddlers - NOW AVAILABLE

The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments, by JJ Jackson


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