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The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments

The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments



Title: The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments


Specs: 9”x6”, 24 full color pages


Level: Beginner, Kids ages 1-7 with encouraged parent involvement. Links included to follow-along videos.


Book Description: A fun and educational read for kids and parents alike! In, The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments, kids ages 1-7 get to learn about the fundamentals of singing and playing piano, drums, and ukulele. The book reads like a familiar children's book with an inspiring story about finding your voice. Shy and quiet kids will especially enjoy hearing the mighty lion main character roar at the climax of the story. The book also seamlessly includes interactive music learning games and songs that kids and parents can enjoy together. Video links are also included with the games and songs to provide the option of guidance from author, music teacher, and creator of Toddler Tunes and the Jackson Music Program, JJ Jackson.


This book is designed to provide introductory music lessons and music education opportunities to toddlers and children ages 1-7, who are typically neglected in most traditional music education settings. It's important to give kids music exposure as early as possible, so they can take advantage of the benefits of music in the crucial early years of development. Throughout the book, kids and parents learn how to sing and play expressively on piano, drums and ukulele without any previous experience necessary. This book is for beginners to help kids be comfortable with music from a young age, so they naturally will grow with music throughout their life. These kids will experience more music wellness than other kids who may unfortunately get shunned away from music. These kids who are comfortable with music will continue to grow with music and experience more music wellness by harnessing the benefits of music daily throughout their lives.


This engaging children's book is the perfect way to get your kids singing and playing instruments at a young age. The book was written to help kids establish a comfort and love for music so they can get the benefits of music early on.


The story is about Leon the Lion, who wakes up one day to find he's lost his roar! But with the help of his animal friends and learning about music instruments, he finds his confidence and true voice. Simply sit down at home with your little ones and explore the world of music together.


Learning music doesn't have to be expensive or feel like a stinky chore. With The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments, you’ll be learning and laughing while also giving the benefits of music to your kids at prime developmental years, as well as getting some quality bonding time with them, too. And science keeps showing how beneficial music is for kids, from improving their coordination and brain function, to reducing stress, boosting immunity, and promoting relaxation. Music improves well-being and can help kids get better grades in school. It helps develop new skills and expand interests through providing opportunities to grow. Music provides a rich variety of cultural experiences that can broaden their horizons and foster creativity.


Music wellness prepares kids for success in the future and provides supportive resources to develop healthy mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. This book helps kids get music exposure early, so say goodbye to wasting time and money looking for a way to teach your toddlers music and say hello to a world of possibilities with your kids. With The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments, you know you’re getting quality music education that’s trustworthy and works with kids across diverse and special learning styles.


So if you want your kids to learn and love music, why settle for just any book, music teacher or YouTube video? Give your kids the gift of music with this book and unleash the musician in your child so they can start getting the benefits from an early age. And you get to create some beautiful music memories with your kids that will last a lifetime.


The Lion That Lost Its Roar: And learned to play music instruments, is the first book installment in the Toddler Tunes music education series. There are also accompanying videos in the Toddler Tunes series, which is a music lesson program for kids ages 1-7 to learn fundamentals of music theory, technique, composition, songwriting, performance, relative pitch and perfect pitch ear training, family music, and music wellness. This series helps kids learn piano, uke, drums, guitar, vocals and singing, songwriting, and how to play in a band.


Learn more about music lessons for kids, music wellness, and the benefits of music by visiting

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