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Real-world, practical advice, guidance, and activities to recover and heal from divorce.

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Written by JJ Jackson,
Creator of the Jackson Music Program & High Vibe Life Program

The Divorce Recovery Pack book will actually help you get through your divorce or break-up. It's an interactive book with activities to guide you through recovering from what you've been through and healing your pain. You have the power to self-heal and this book will help you reconnect with what YOU want and maintain the state of being that will make your life better.


Jackson overcame a traumatic and abusive marriage and divorce, as well as health problems, using his method described in the book. You too can benefit from the method with real-world, practical advice and activities to tear down the baggage in your way, like harmful or limiting programming, depression and anxiety, and give you skills to build awareness, connect with your body and feelings, and go after your goals from a place of focus and wholeness instead of fear and self-criticism. 

Jackson is also a meditation teacher, manifestation coach, and music healer. Click below if you'd like to schedule a consultation to see how his program can benefit your life.

The High Vibe Life Program

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