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Toddler Tunes: Feeding Kids’ Imagination and Brain Growth

By JJ Jackson

Just because you have to shelter in your home right now due to the pandemic doesn't mean you should have to shelter your kids from fun and growth. This is a perfect opportunity to find new avenues of connecting and blossoming along with your children. New learning options have opened up and it’s a great chance to spend quality time growing with your kids and taking advantage of the benefits that are available during this time.

As weird as it might sound to think about what could be beneficial during a global pandemic, this type of awareness gives you the power to continue your life in an upward direction despite the level of chaos that could happen around you. You have the opportunity to benefit from having more first-hand observation watching your kids grow up. You have more chances to sit with your kids and just play and playing is where some of the biggest development takes place.

A baby’s brain is forming over a million new synaptic connections per second. It makes sense why the first few years of life are the prime developmental years. Among the first developmental stages for a child include learning to make associations and develop an attachment style, ideally a secure attachment. Toddler Tunes, by Jackson Music Program, was created specifically to support healthy development through the first 7 years of life starting from birth.

Toddler Tunes Online Music Lessons for Kids by Jackson Music Program

Toddler Tunes helps kids learn how instruments work, including the instrument of their voice, helping them to associate music instruments with expression. Toddler Tunes also emphasizes sharing music together as a family and guides you through ways to listen, learn, play, and write music together. The videos are great ways to encourage self-expression and the formation of agency and secure attachment. The characters and musical information are also presented in ways to help kids learn to connect with and express their emotions and feelings, which is especially important nowadays.

Here's the latest Toddler Tunes episode, The Magic Uke:

Science shows 95% of your child's experiences will be brought on by how the subconscious mind develops in the first seven years of life. So, it's important you give your child's mind, body and spirit the most nourishment you can. By giving your kids music you're helping them to get a multitude of benefits, including:

Kids should have music starting in the womb, most importantly from you singing to them. And it’s never too early to start exposing them to music. You can help your kids get the most benefits from music by using and sharing these four ways: Listen, Learn, Play, and Write music.

Be spontaneous and have appropriate music available to listen to, especially classical music because it lights up the most parts of the brain. Sing to them. Model how to play instruments. Good instruments for babies and toddlers are shakers, tiny hand drums, roll-up toy pianos for the floor, harmonica, and cajon. Find a teacher, or other learning option, that connects with your children and helps them develop the skills to achieve their goals. Also, writing music is crucial at every age to help boost cognition, emotional expression, brain hemisphere coordination, and help manage the psyche.

It’s about developing coordination and dexterity, creating neural networks in the plasticity of the brain, and retaining the perfect pitch listening skill every child is born with. Learning songs at the appropriate age are good for developing goal-achievement habits. They’re developing a foundation to always continue growing as dynamic, energetic, aware, and expressive human beings.

So start them early.

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