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Toddler Tunes: The Magic Uke

Join Roxy the Rockin' Dog as we learn the ukulele. This is a great video to enjoy with your kids. Grab your uke or any instrument you have at home and you'll be able to play along with this video music lesson. We'll be playing our instruments along with dancing and singing!

There's a big surprise in the woods one day and Roxy ends up in an unknown place. Along with your kids' help playing, singing, and dancing their songs with all their heart, Roxy uses her feelings and the magic power of the ukulele to get back home. Kids learn how to pluck and strum the uke, as well as the value of their individual expression and the power their feelings play in supporting the exercise of their free will.

This story is also a good respite for kids who feel anxiety or fear surrounding the pandemic. Kids don't know what's going on and they're absorbing all the panic and fear, or understanding and optimism, from adults. This story acknowledges what kids are feeling and how understanding their thoughts and feelings gives them the power to create the bright world in which they want to live.

Toddler Tunes is an early phase of the Jackson Music Program with the mission of helping each family member unlock their potential through developing goal-achievement habits, understanding their mind-body-energy connection, and nurturing their individual expression through songwriting and family/group performing.

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Enjoy this online music lesson with the whole family, kids and adults. It features instruction for kids on how to begin playing the ukulele. However, you can participate with this video using any instrument you have at home: piano, guitar, drums, singing, mandolin, violin, or any other.

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