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4 Family Music Activities to Do With Your Kids Tonight

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

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Here's four fun, easy activities you can do at home with your kids and entire family to get the benefits of music:

1. Listen to music

Pick out your favorite songs that you and your kids like and listen to them. Tell stories what the song reminds you of and why you like the music. This is a great chance to develop more bonds with your family.

2. Play something

Play your favorite songs, or play a song that you wrote or recorded. Play a new scale or technique that you're learning. You could even play a soundtrack while you do a new dance you're learning or show something you made. This chance to perform is a great opportunity to develop the confidence and expressive skills to be able to put yourself out there and grow by connecting with others.

3. Write a song together

This can be way easier than you might think. A good way to do it is have every person pick out a chord or note and put it together in a pattern or chord progression and jam it together. It's that easy and if you don't know play an instrument, or how to play notes or chords yet, this is a good opportunity to...

4. Learn together

You'll find a lot of resources over at my courses page and blog at to help you find the skills, time and activities that you can do with your family to grow together with music. It doesn't have to be a struggle to learn to play music together!

Try these tonight!

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