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Toddler Tunes: Guitar Lesson for Kids

Join Roxy the Rockin' Dog as we learn to play guitar. This music lesson video is for kids ages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Grab your guitar, uke or any instrument you have at home and you'll be able to play along with this video music lesson.

Roxy and our animal friends show us how to play guitar by learning how the instrument works and how to play opposite sounds: high and low sounds, short and long sounds, quiet and loud sounds. We also learn how to pluck the guitar and strum different rhythms. Our animal friends show kids basic primer guitar technique to set them up for success in learning the guitar. This guitar lesson for kids is a perfect way for your child to start learning guitar and the games are enjoyable to play along with your children. It's fun music time for the whole family!

Enjoy this online music lesson with the whole family, kids and adults. It features instruction for kids on how to begin playing the guitar. However, you can participate with this video using any instrument you have at home: uke, guitar, drums, singing, mandolin, violin, or any other.

Bookmark this blog page and sign-up for the free newsletter to get more Toddler Tunes and other music activities, games and lessons for kids that the whole family can enjoy together. Toddler Tunes is an early phase of the Jackson Music Program with the mission of helping each family member unlock their potential through developing goal-achievement habits, understanding their mind-body-energy connection, and nurturing their individual expression through songwriting and performing.

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