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Quantum Self Meditation

Quantum Self Meditation


This guided meditation is great for helping to quiet your mind and detach from the running train of thoughts that always seems to be going in your head. Step outside the edges of the universe and tap into your QUANTUM SELF with this meditation designed to guide you through convergent and divergent awareness, feeling the "inner" space within and the "outer" space without, which is an effective way to balance your awareness and energy. This type of meditation is a common one to be used in manifestation practices, whether you're trying to manifest healing, more money, a satisfying relationship, or whatever you're looking to create in your life.


Soothing and effective meditation and manifestation music by JJ Jackson on his 11th solo album, Meditation and Manifesting Music. On this album, Jackson incorporates healing vocal drones, ultra-low frequencies, alpha and theta brain wave music, as well as including guided meditations and music-only tracks. Use this music for your meditation practice, yoga classes or for focus music if you're at work or studying for school. This music is designed to slow down brain waves and attune awareness and consciousness to the present moment and expansive quantum field, so you can elevate your emotion and place your healing intention, or whatever you want to manifest, into the field.


Use this album to accompany your other healing/manifesting/meditation practice or use this music and the guided meditations as your complete practice. Jackson also offers meditation and manifesting coaching. Learn more by visiting Jackson has used his 4 M's: music, meditation, mindset, and movement to heal from ulcerative colitis, panic attacks, PTSD, codependency, anxiety. and depression.

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