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Holistic Benefits of Music on Health, Education, Income, & Family

A baby’s brain is making over a million new synaptic connections per second. Your kids should be introduced to music as early as possible, because the first three years of life are when the brain develops the most. And it's said that 95% of our life's results are based on how our subconscious mind develops in the first seven years of life. So, it's important you give your mind, body and spirit the most nourishment that you can. Music benefits your health across all areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. By giving your kids music you're helping them to get a multitude of benefits, including:

1. Coordination


2. Whole-brain activation


3. Sound and pitch recognition


4. Spatial awareness


5. Language skills


6. A smarter mind


7. Skills to manage and express emotions


8. Boosted immune system and physical health


9. Skills to have a better chance at making more money later in life.


10. Expanding connection to the world around and how we make vibrations that we all can feel.

Check out this video that describes the holistic benefits of music in more detail:

Kids should have music starting in the womb, most importantly from you singing to them. And it’s never too early to start exposing them to music. You can help your kids get the most benefits from music by using and sharing these four ways: Listen, Learn, Play, and Write music.

Be spontaneous and have appropriate music available to listen to, especially classical music because it lights up the most parts of the brain. Sing to them. Model how to play instruments. Good instruments for babies and toddlers are shakers, tiny hand drums, roll-up toy pianos for the floor, harmonica, and cajon. And writing music is crucial at every age to help boost cognition, emotional expression, brain hemisphere coordination, and help manage the psyche.

It’s about developing coordination and dexterity, creating neural networks in the plasticity of the brain, and retaining the perfect pitch listening skill we’re all born with. It’s not about expecting them to play a song. They’re developing a foundation to always continue growing as dynamic, energetic, aware, and expressive human beings. So start them early.

Learn more about what you can do with your family tonight to get the benefits of music by visiting, where you'll find family activities, as well as videos to give your kids the best thorough path with music so your whole family can get the most benefits.

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